Timely Tip: Pencil-tapping

Timely Tip: Pencil-Tapping

Slowing Down When You Edit is the Key to Cleaning Up Copy
Mark Plenke Chico State
Mark Plenke
Chico State

I learned this micro-editing method when I worked on the copy desk of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press in Minnesota. It’s now taught at the beginning of every semester’s orientation at The Orion. Students there use it to:
• Check their own writing for punctuation, spelling, AP Style and other errors before they turn in their stories
• Check the work of others when they’re working as first-read editors or copy editors
• Find errors on page proofs as the last editing check before a page is sent to be printed.

The slideshow below provides a step-by-step guide to pencil-tapping. Each slide takes about 10 seconds, but you can pause it by clicking on the screen.