13 October 2017


Board meeting

Oct. 13, 2017

Called to order 3:51 after technical difficulties with the video conference site.

Roll call

Joe Wirt

Gretchen Macchiarella

Richard Craig

Mark Plenke

Toni Albertson

Michael Chute

Bridgette Lugo

Michael Longinow

Approved appointment of Gary Metzker to the board. Mark said Gary was a write-in candidate. Gretchen made motion to approve; Richard Craig seconded. All voted in favor.

Board reviewed and approved minutes of the last meeting (attached to this email)

Richard made motion to approve; Gretchen seconded. All voted in favor.

Treasurer’s report

She said bad report. I’m not starting off the year with any god things to say.

Gretchen said the balance is $3866. There’s $17 in Paypal, which leaves CCMA with about $700 remaining.

She said if CCMA projects food for the cost of last year’s spring event, the organization will finish in the read by about $120. She said she wasn’t sure what to do about that.

Gretchen also said she checked with Dave Frederickson about the CCMA tax status. He apparently forgot about it. She found an email a year ago saying the tax filing had been made. But she then went into the IRS online files and found CCMA has been out of compliance for two years. She said CCMA is technically not a 501C3 non-profit any more. As such CCMA can’t accept donations of any kind.

Gretchen said she’s not sure what CCMA needs to do to get back into compliance. Apparently no one has filed anything with IRS for 5 years.

So do we have non-profit status? Gretchen said we are non-profit because we have no money.

Mark said he and Gretchen would get together and figure out the IRS problem.

Richard made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; it was seconded by Michael Longinow. All voted in favor.

President’s report

The west coast ACP convention is March 1-3 in Long Beach. CCMA had plans to again hold its banquet there (alongside the regional event). Mark said “Laura Widmer wants us there.” And added that instead of ACP covering expenses over $12,000. They will pay for first $14,000. And CCMA will pay for what’s beyond that. Mark said that suggests CCMA can do a fancier banquet or keep the banquet equivalent to what we did last year and put the remainder of the funds toward recouping financial difficulties.

Mark mentioned Laura W that CCMA would like to have a larger and more visible role as part of the ACP convention. He asked her about CCMA doing more programming and getting CCMA branded in the ACP materials (get our logo on those materials). Mark said she was excited about that deeper involvement and partnership.

Mark mentioned that this enhanced partnership addresses some concerns about CCMA invisibility that came up from students and others in the feedback sessions at the San Francisco ACP/CCMA event.

Toni said she would be willing to help come up with CCMA programming for the ACP event in Long Beach because she has experience with programming in other organizations.

Mark mentioned he will only be an adviser for two years more. His dean approved an exit plan for him and the university is advertising to fill his job. Mark said the board should talk about transition and how to handle that.

Getting started on the next contest

Michael Chute said he is going to check with the Better Newspaper Contest. As soon as we do that we can get the list put together.

Mark asked what kind of help Michael needs and Michael said the big need is judges. A problem last year was judges being asked who said they weren’t informed that their name was on any list (i.e. they had to decline because they hadn’t counted on doing it.) Michael said there weren’t a lot of these, but enough to make the contest difficult.

Michael asked that before advisers put forward the name of a potential judge (to him), that the adviser double-check with the person to make sure they still want to do it.

Michael also said he needs help confirming who’s on the list of active CCMA schools. The problem is that contact info is often based on an editor-in-chief who leaves; there’s no way to find out who the new person is.

Mark said the new VP for membership has worked as membership person for other organizations.

Mark said that should be job one: confirming the list but also finding schools we know have media programs but have not participated. Mark mentioned Pepperdine, for inst. Maybe by next time, add some schools.

Mark said he will send that request (for new schools on the list) through email.

Mark asked Michael how he wants to handle contacting judges from last year. He said he would email last year’s judges and ask if they’ll do it again this year. Then fill in gaps.

Mark asked about a timeline. Michael said Brady needs the info well in advance, so they should get all the judging done by Feb. 1. That gets all certificates and plaques done.

Michael suggested a deadline before Christmas break. Which means we need to get the word out soon. Some are going to CMA/ACP in Dallas. We need to have contest finished. That leaves six weeks.

Mark suggested a Dec. 15 deadline. Gretchen suggested some wiggle room. Michael Longinow and Gretchen suggested Dec. 8 is the deadline we advertise to students and advisers. Advertise it as a firm deadline — but allow people with legitimate excuses to post by Dec. 15 (which will be the firm deadline).

The group also accepted a judging deadline of Jan. 19 with an actual deadline of Jan. 26.

Michael and Gretchen will talk about getting BNC the money so as to get the contest launched.

Mark mentioned the contest changing? Toni had thoughts in the Spring. Change the awards? Give students the actual award. A lot of it was logistics of the award itself.

Richard said we should look at what the banquet room looks like (size, configuration) to determine awards distribution. Mark said we’ll look at what the room looks like.

Mark said the dividing line was 10,000 enrollment. He asked if we should keep that. Gretchen said we could take more time if we weren’t give awards on some that have fewer entries.

Richard said he wants the data. It would be nice to look at the numbers. What are they submitting a lot of and what aren’t they getting. Michael said the membership roughly follows a thirds breakdown: 15 schools biggest; 15 schools medium; 15 schools smaller.

Michael said he can pull some data together from the contest and entries. We said we’re going to stay with the categories.

Mark said there are some categories that can be combined or altered. Asked Michael to put some data together before the next meeting.

Bridget said we should keep the multimedia category alone. Don’t eliminate it. It’s a growth area at many schools.

Discussion of VP roles

Mark said the people who that put the organization together thought the VP positions were self-explanatory. When he was membership VP, he took on lots of other roles. But if we have emphasis on convention, the VP of training could plan our offerings and reach out to other board members. Prepare the CCMA convention for the ACP convention. Mark threw Stew into the task of doing the banquet, but it was a lot. That role should come back to the president.

Richard said we should talk about that at the next meeting.

Search for second student board member

Mark said we need a student board member for northern part of the state. Toni said she knows of someone at San Francisco State who would be perfect, but that it should be Rachelle Kanigel (adviser at SF State) who suggests that person. Mark said Rachelle had said she had a name for the board but didn’t follow up.

Toni suggested sending Rachelle a note about the student.

Richard said if anybody needs an easy publication, talk to him; he has a side contract for a book that will serve as an introduction to news. Kids don’t know what news is anymore. He submitted a proposal. He’ll be editor. But now that we have the contract, need chapters. Some people need publications. Won’t make money. But email him.

Michael Chute mentioned that Barb’s hard work for CCMA should be acknowledged, maybe at the spring CCMA event, maybe with an achievement award. No further dis

Mark entertained a motion to adjourn at 4:32 p.m. It was moved and seconded and all voted in favor.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Longinow, CCMA secretary