15 January 2015

California College Media Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

Jan. 15, 2015

Location: Conference Phone Call

Meeting called to order by Barb Kingsley at 9:06 a.m.

Members in Attendance:

Barb Kingsley

Richard Craig

Brady Teufel

Mark Plenke

Michael Chute

Dave Frederickson

Joe Wirt

Michael Longinow

Barb asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Moved and seconded to approve them. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Barb asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Moved and seconded to approve the agenda. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting actions and discussion:

Barb told the board that 80% of the entries have been judged and returned. One judge had no response; Joe said he would pursue that judge (he knows him.) Brady reminded the board that setting up the spreadsheet according to the order of presentation would smooth things.

There was discussion of the plaques and where they would be ordered from. A vendor from Pennsylvania (or that region) was mentioned as having done the plaques in the past.

Michael Chute said he would order them, but asked about a CCMA credit card (so he doesn’t have to pout them on his own card.) Barb mentioned that CCMA has not had a credit card for some years, but that having one might be a good idea.

Dave Frederickson gave Michael his phone number and they will confer about getting a check sent to the vendor to cover the plaques.

Michael Chute will be doing the spreadsheet, the certificates, and the notification of schools. Barb said she has a basic template for this. The schools (adviser or editor-in-chief) are notified of having won, and what category, but not which place (e.g. first, third, honorable mention…)

Barb mentioned Rich Cameron (CCJA)’s suggestion of starting with the advertising and magazine categories, then breaking for dinner. It will make the next set of awards seem less tedious (in length.)

Financial Report:

Dave Frederickson said CCMA has about $6,600 in its account; there is about $1,000 coming in. So the total balance will be about $6,700.

Mark Plenke will set up a Google form that will help with tracking payments. The payments through PayPal need set-up so that schools get an automatic receipt. (Receipts were mentioned in previous meetings as a particular need of many schools — and a problem when they don’t get one.)

After a motion and second, the board voted to charge $65 for those paying in advance for the awards banquet and $80 at the door. Barb mentioned that we had a windfall last year from last-minute arrivals that wanted entry to the banquet. But the board declined to hike the late-entry fee higher than $80.

Barb noted that the hotel doesn’t charge for the room, but does charge for catering. And the increase in costs were for the food. There was lengthy discussion of menu for the banquet and it concluded with Barb saying she would check options that allow for meat (sliders and tacos were mentioned as favorites) and vegetarian options with light dessert (cookies).

Barb said she would dismiss the room by section to the food stations rather than unleashing the whole room, at once, on the food.

The board discussed setting up a photo booth and Brady mentioned that Instagram sometimes will sponsor a photo booth to get its company name out — adding appeal to the photo moment.


Dave Frederickson said he will purchase the backdrop as a location for photo-shoots at the awards event.

Michael Chute raised the concern that some schools might be risking disqualification by either submitting materials outside the confines of the contest or mis-labeling entries. The board agreed informally that schools whose entries don’t meet the contest stipulations should be disqualified and the next place-holder moves up (e.g. second place becomes first.) Michael will be checking the entries  in a spot-check approach. As of now, the contest organizers have been depending on the judges to flag entries that didn’t meet the dates of the contest rules.

Mark asked if the CCMA awards event dinner (for the board) would include discussion about those seeking board seats next school year. Barb said the vote for those positions typically takes place later in the semester, but that people do discuss their interest earlier.

Barb said another meeting would be good and the board informally chose January 29 at 9 a.m. as the date for the next conference call meeting.

Barb asked for a motion to adjourn and it was moved and seconded. Vote was unanimous at 10:08 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D

Biola University