17 December 2015

California College Media Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

Dec. 17, 2015

Location: Conference Phone Call

Meeting called to order by Barb Kingsley at 9:05 a.m.

Members in Attendance:

Barb Kingsley

Richard Craig

Marcy Burstiner

Mark Plenke

Michael Chute

Dave Frederickson

Greg Diaz

Michael Longinow

Barb asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Moved and seconded to approve them. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Barb asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Moved and seconded to approve the agenda. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting actions and discussion:

After some discussion of the offer by Associated Collegiate Press to help defray costs of holding the CCMA event alongside ACP in Los Angeles, Barb asked for a vote by the board to accept the ACP offer.

That offer is for ACP to cover costs that go above the costs CCMA paid last year for roughly the same number of CCMA students attending the joint event. The board’s vote commits to paying no more than the $13,544.01 that was paid last year.  Moved and seconded to approve. It was approved unanimously.

There was brief discussion about the contest and judges that agreed to do judging only recently. Michael said he and his staff will be sending notification letters out.

The board discussed again about how to get schools that win awards to send a representative (or the entire staff.) No firm resolution was set at this time, but several board members said that a firmer approach could be applied next year. Barb and Michael said they would seek to persuade member schools to attend this year.

Barb asked about the value of a guest speaker to help bring in attendees. There was discussion of other options, include an after-banquet comedian, a band/music, or a CCMA hosted social hour at a local venue. Discussion about liability regarding use of alcohol led to the decision being delayed pending further research.

Financial Report:

Barb said that CCMA has about $6,600 in its account; checks connected to the contest that are coming in will be forwarded to Dave Frederickson, treasurer.

After a motion and second, the board voted to comp the costs of the banquet for student CCMA board members. Non-student board members will cover their own cost.


Richard said he will be representing CCMA at the CJM Affiliates (an organization that replaced CalJEC.) He invited anyone on the board who has interest in this meeting to join him.  The meeting will discuss ways for journalism groups to join together to defray costs of participation in ventures.

Barb asked for a motion to adjourn and it was moved and seconded. Vote was unanimous at 9:49 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D

Biola University