2 October 2015

California College Media Association
Minutes of Board Meeting
October 2, 2015
Location: Conference Phone Call

Meeting called to order by Barb Kingsley at 9:06 a.m.

Members in Attendance: Barb Kingsley, Richard Craig, Mark Plenke, Javier Rojas (student member), Dave Frederickson, Michael Chute, Joe Wirt (at-large), Brady Teufel, Michael Longinow

Barb asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Moved by Richard Craig, seconded by Michael Chute to approve them. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Barb asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Moved by Michael Chute, seconded by Mark Plenke, to approve the agenda. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting actions and discussion:

Barb said she sent out the contract to BNC about the contest. She talked to Cody at BNC and is waiting on some details. Some upcoming changes will involve judges. There will be an updated spreadsheet.

Barb will be asking people to update the spreadsheet to provide judges. Then, Barb said, board members should take responsibility for making sure the judge(s) they suggest actually come through. There was “flaking” in the most previous contest that put a lot of pressure on a few board members to chase down fill-in judges.

Michael L. said there should be “tail twisters” who keep after judges. Members agreed. Barb said one help could be collecting names of judges earlier.

Barb asked about possibility of rewording the contest rules regarding schools per category. The board discussed this at length (along with whether the board should require that winners be present at the awards ceremony to receive their award.)

It was moved by Michael Chute, seconded by Richard Craig, that the contest rules be changed to stipulate only one entry per school per category in the contest. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

The discussion about requiring schools to be at the contest in order to receive their award was not resolved.

Discussion, along with possible board action, was delayed until the next meeting regarding this ceremony attendance requirement; another item of discussion, also moved back to the next meeting, was whether CCMA should provide travel funds, at some level, to schools that, having been notified of winning, don’t have the budget to send a representative.

Financial Report:

Barb mentioned that Dave Frederickson is meeting with two people in coming weeks about what needs to be done about moving the process along to be approved for non-profit status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The process has been many months in the making. Dave said he was told there’s such a backlog that it could take years. Dave said he will report back at an upcoming meeting about progress.

Mark Plenke said he is continuing (with help from a student worker) to pursue an update of the member list for CCMA. It’s taken longer than expected because phone numbers and emails have apparently changed or are not working. Some schools, when contacted, weren’t sure their campus still had a newspaper. Mark said he’d persevere in getting the list updated.

It was mentioned that a board member will be going to a meeting in January that could result in new judges, among other benefits to CCMA.

Barb said she was planning to be a former CCMA president at the end of this term. There was an audible gasp from the board and Michael Longinow, before the call ended, suggested Barb should be re-elected. Barb said she’d prefer not to be so nominated.

Motion to adjourn was brought by Michael Chute, seconded by Mark Plenke. Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

 Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D
Biola University