26 January 2018

CCMA board meeting

Call to order at 3:51 p.m.

Roll call

Joe Wirt

Michael Chute





Brady Teufel

Mark Plenke


Michael Longinow

(Had to re-do the roll call due to glitches in the video conference call)


Moved and seconded to approve minutes, with no revisions. All in favor. Minutes approved.


Report on CCMA in ACP convention sessions (by Gary from CSLB)


Working on CCMA sessions with ACP. She sent in 12 sessions to Laura W for consideration. Laura wrote back she had couple more holes to fill. Reached out to Jim Newton to fill ad Toni said we’ve got it covered. Sounds like we’ve filled 14 workshop positions.


Mark asked if they’re trying to get them branded. Gary said yes, that is going to happen. They’ll be branded as CCMA logo. Mark thanked Gary and Toni.


Treasurer’s report


Gretchen said she continues to work on CCMA’s tax situation. She said it’s getting worse all the time. She’s going to file taxes for last year. It’s a slow attempt to get on track; she doesn’t know how to file back taxes.


She needs to reply to the state (about why CCMA hasn’t filed taxes for five years) but has been dragging her feet because she didn’t have a good answer. The organization has apparently never filed taxes.


Gretchen said CCMA was preliminarily approved for nonprofit status but never finished the process through to approval


She said she’s going to file taxes for this year, then file a declaration of continued existence. She can file those back 5-6 years. She’s hesitant to do it completely on her own. She needs an accountant.


Mark asked if we have a tax identification that alerted someone (about your status) and Gretchen said yes, we have a tax ID, but we haven’t completed the process. (We don’t have non-profit status.) Gretchen said there are procedures for not filing taxes, but they’re for shorter terms. She said we’re in a zone beyond the grace period.


Mark asked Gretchen if she needs professional help — should CCMA hire a CPA or tax accountant? Gretchen said that would be helpful.


Mike Longinow said exploring the cost of hiring an accountant would be good, but mentioned that the Student Press Law Center might know of low-cost or even pro-bono accountants who assist schools in emergency situations.


Mark agreed but added that Joe Wirt might know contacts in Sacramento or in CNPA who might help. Joe said any accountant would need to see the bank book. He said that by downloading all the bank transactions, we can create a rough profit-loss statement for each of the years. It’s a painstaking looking at records. But you do that before even talking to an accountant. What do you have? Something to start with. It’s Possible to get an idea. JACC had to do that. They had to reconstruct what they had. Then you can turn them over to an accountant.


Gretchen said part of the problem is that Dave Fredericks (former CCMA treasurer) kept some CCMA money in PayPal accounts and PayPal doesn’t keep permanent records (time expires on them). So the accounting might have holes.


After discussion, it was suggested that CCMA do the forensic work and get what we have to Joe. He might take it from there.


There was a motion to authorize Gretchen to write a letter of reply to the controller and tell them this internal accounting is underway. She will also be authorized to put the ledger together between now and the convention and get in contact with an accountant in Sacramento or someone closer to get an estimate on the cost of cleaning up the tax materials. Then after banquet the board can decide how to proceed.


The motion to authorize Gretchen was seconded and all approved.




Contest update


Michael Chute said we’d have 854 entries In 119 categories across the 3 divisions.


He said only 34 judges had completed their assignments, though the judging is supposed to end next Friday. (And judges tend to be procrastinators.)


Michael said they’ve got judges for all categories; only 8 schools had not paid and he will be sending out reminders to them.


As he gets checks he’ll FedEx them to Gretchen.


Judges are putting in some honorable mentions, some not.

He said they’ve gone through and verified entries. There are no disqualifications at this point

(This time next week he might be frantic.)


Mark asked how the entries compare with last year and Michael said there are some categories that are lower, and at least one category had to combine all divisions (magazine). Michael said the board might have to re-examine categories (their data over time) to see whether the trends in entries mean we’re moving away from some types of entries.


Michael also said he still needs to order plaques.


Awards Banquet Discussion


Mark’s done research on food service at Hyatt in Long Beach, along with deadlines and menus. This hotel offers more choices and approaches than San Francisco did — more flexibility. There’s no sense of whether students liked the buffet. There are four or five different buffets. All include salad and dessert. Plating is most expensive, but not much.


Discussion began about whether plated dinners are good (quicker and the program can start sooner) but walking around is good too.


How much does it bother people that the program takes a long time?


If you run it past student, they’ll tell you what food they want, but do they want to pay for it?

Cheaper we can make it, the better. If you’re sitting for too long you lose people’s interest.


Mark said he will send a 3-item ballot. He asked everyone to return it to him before the deadline. It was moved and seconded to leave the banquet price at $60 and $80 at the door

All voted aye. The motion was approved.


Richard said schools need notifications of winning as early as possible so they can determine who’s coming to the event (i.e. requesting funds to travel). Jan. 29 is the hotel deadline. Feb 7 is conference deadline.


Michael Chute said he would send notices out when the judges get their decisions in (some earlier than others).


Mark mentioned a request from Ari C (at CSU-East Bay) to create a CSU news service so editors and advisers can share news among papers.


It was moved and seconded to share the CCMA email list to CSU East Bay. All voted in favor and the motion was approved.


Mark said the constitution says CCMA is supposed to have an annual board meeting. Voting on new board members and approval of proposals is supposed to happen there. The board hasn’t had its annual board meeting (at least not one recorded in CCMA minutes) in recent years.


Mark said the language in the constitution is vague; it can happen any time, but due to travel schedules, before or after the awards banquet would seem best. Mark suggested having it after the banquet. Richard mentioned that this would be wise because the ACP on-site competition awards will be announced in a session immediately before the CCMA banquet.


Mark asked Mike Longinow to craft a proposal (on this meeting’s agenda) for attention in the board meeting, about creating a position for president-elect in the constitution. The new position would allow a board member to begin training in the president’s role a year in advance.


It was also suggested that the president’s term (or term limit) be three years. This could affect the president-elect position so discussion will be needed.


There was a motion and second to hold the CCMA board meeting after the CCMA banquet. All voted in favor and the motion was approved.


The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.