27 January 2017

California College Media Association

Board Minutes

Jan 27, 2017

Roll call:

Mark Plenke, president

Michael Chute

Richard Craig

Gretchen Macchiarella

Joe Wirt

Barb Kingsley

Toni Albertson

Stu VanAirsdale

Michael Longinow, secretary



Called to order at 10:02 a.m.


Moved and seconded to approve minutes: unanimous vote


Moved and seconded to approve agenda.


Treasurer’s report:


Gretchen said she is currently in charge of PayPal and bank account.

Balances she has are not the most recent.


Barb asked about CCMA general funds and told Gretchen where she can find the balances.


Gretchen gave the approximate amounts coming in from Pay Pal and that are in the bank. She estimated it at about $5,300.


Barb reminded Gretchen that we still have checks coming in until the end of month.


Gretchen said she wasn’t sure where checks for the contest (that are out there, still coming in) are right now, but noted that they have to come to her to get deposited.


Gretchen said the bank account is Fullerton. Barb said the address needs to be changed to the address for CNPA now.


Gretchen said once she is signer, she can do the CCMA address change.

The minutes reflect that the new address for funding for CCMA is the following:



c/o CNPA Services, Inc.

2701 K St

Sacramento, CA



Gretchen is looking into whether we want to use a service for ticketing.


It was moved and seconded approve the treasurer’s report.


It was moved and seconded to make Gretchen the interim co-secretary (unanimous vote in favor. Note that this, and all votes in this meeting were made of a quorum of the full board. This action, as all others, is therefore legally binding.)


The reason for this board action on Gretchen’s status as a board member was that the bank requires that the full CCMA board agree that she is the interim secretary.


The bank officer she spoke with said it would be necessary for the full board to come into the bank (in person), all at once. She explained that this was impossible due to the widespread statewide locations of board members.


By the bank’s rules, the treasurer cannot be the same as the signer on the account. Only secretary or acting secretary. So the board action (reflected by minutes) making Gretchen acting secretary suffices.


To take over signing authority for CCMA funds (in her capacity as treasurer), Gretchen needs to show she has an official title as acting secretary. That doesn’t have to change her title as treasurer.


Gretchen will then have the ability to monitor funds for CCMA and sign as necessary to allocate or reallocate funds in management of revenues and expenses.


Gretchen said to take on this interim status with the bank, Mark and Gretchen will go together to the bank (or another board member). She said now that she is acting secretary she can go with a board member to the bank in SF.


The minutes reflect that Mark Plenke, president of CCMA is part of this board action and coordination with the bank.



Report from Michael Chute on the contest schools:


Number of participating schools is down a little from last year. There are lots of reasons for this.


Part of the problem, he said, seems to be that students are taking over responsibility for the contest. They graduate, and it’s difficult to find out who to contact for the publication.


Michael C. said a better approach would be for all schools to use a generic email (i.e. a title “managing editor” rather than a name.)


Michael C. said there have been payment problems. When accounting is involved it’s a problem. Toni and Barb said they’re aware of this and brought up examples.


Mark suggested talking to BNC when the contest is over.


Michael C. said we have three categories. He strongly recommends we not combine categories. He said there’s value in having them distinct even if some have small numbers of entries (this time); part of the reason small schools don’t enter is because they think they don’t have a shot against bigger schools. Over time, the smaller schools will realize they can compete and will enter.

Barb said she was dubious of the not combining at first, but noted that it will be a very long night of awards.


Gretchen asked how many entries we have from community colleges and Michael C said there were probably 12-14.


Michael C. said they would need to figure out order of slides..


Mark suggested going category by category.


Discussion ensued regarding how to save time in the banquet in reading of names of winners. Michael Chute suggested only reading first place. Several objected to this. Gretchen suggested assigning “runners” to take plaques and awards to various tables where winners are.


Mark suggested Michael C. and Michael L. put together proposals and bring them to the next meeting. Toni & Richard will also come up with a proposal.


Stu’s report on meal tickets:


He mentioned taxes and service fees, the Spring menu is $1 more per person. He said the costs for catering in SF are based on an entirely different economy. Incredibly expensive. Iced tea, for instance was charged by the gallon and very expensive. So is drinking water.


Barb said CCMA in the past asked for food stations: keeps it simple and small. ACP will help us. They really want us there. They said they’d cover the overage.


Barb said she will send Stu a Sheraton universal menu as point of reference. Things will be different in SF, but it’s a comparison.


Mark said CPA ceiling is $14,000. Barb said that’s not what they said before


After considerable discussion about what ACP will cover in the over-budget amount of the meal costs, Mark said he would check on what the subsidy will be. He will let Stu know. Barb said she could check with ACP if need be. Barb has email saying ACP will cover above a certain amount.


Richard said he will be working with Toni on elements of the adviser roundtable in SF. Mark asked if some of the big questions are: future of org. Are we a contest? How do we do what we want to do and be. Gretchen suggested connecting with Rachele Kanigel on topics.


Mark suggested a CCMA Feb meeting date: Friday 2/17. 9 a.m. All agreed.


Michael C. said he will begin notifying winners by email: he will notify category, name. Barb reminded him that we still need an element of surprise.


Barb said help as we can. Person request to president. Email Mark request. He’ll work with.


Michael mentioned we still need a judge for one of the news categories. Mark and Barb said they will be looking and let him know name and contact info.


Mark agreed to accept petitions from board members for travel money. He and the board would decide on a case by case basis.


Moved and seconded to adjourn at 11:02 a.m.