29 January 2016

California College Media Association

January 29, 2016

Official Meeting Minutes

(Conference call, convened at 10 a.m. by Barb Kingsley-Wilson)

In attendance:

Barb Kingsley-Wilson, Michael Chute, Brady Teufel, Richard Craig, Dave Frederickson, Michael Longinow

Barb called the meeting to order at 9:08 a.m.

Moved and seconded to approve the minutes. Unanimous vote to approve.

Moved and seconded to approve the agenda. Unanimous vote to approve.

Barb asked Michael Chute if notifications (to winners) have gone out, and he said they had. He said about 1/3 of the responses indicated changes needed.

Michael Chute said he had left a message with the school that was being disqualified but had not heard back. He said he would pursue it.

Michael Chute also said the plaques had been ordered but would not be delivered until the vendor received the CCMA check. They are typically sent by ground delivery.

Brady said he has begun the slide show (a few completed out of about 400 slides.) He said he has a student working on the slide project who did it last year and had no errors. She is doing it as part of her work as an advertising staffer and her work will be essentially pro-bono to CCMA.

There will be a $200 payment, though, to a student for maintaining the Google doc for CCMA.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Frederickson said CCMA has $1,950 in the bank. But he added that Barb has a few checks. She confirmed that she has eight checks and will mail them to Dave.

Michael Chute said he will send Dave the receipt for the plaques.

Dave said he had transferred $5,000 to the bank; he said there is $2,705 in PayPal funds, resulting in a total balance of about $9655.

The cost of the awards will be $1,244.

Dave said CCMA’s net balance after paying that invoice is $8,411.

Barb said she is telling the caterers to expect about 200. She is trying to get schools to come, including USC and UCLA.

Barb said there is $3950 in checks.

Barb said the food menu is confirmed. She got a request for gluten free options and she is checking into that.

Barb noted, by way of reminder, that ACP is helping with costs over what CCMA paid last year for the awards event.

Dave said he will be working next week on getting the CCMA banner/background ordered. He will get prices and choose the best deal based on what he’s done with banners like this in the past.

But Dave had a question about what colors it should be. He said the orange background with white reverse lettering would be difficult for photos. He and several advisers said the blue and gray background might be better; he will use the current CCMA logo.

Advisers discussed the use of WiFi in the banquet room for Tweeting that would appear on the big screen. Tweeting was a popular element of previous award ceremonies.

That led to discussion of how many screens would be needed in the banquet room. Most recalled there being two screens. But since the configuration will again be wide rather than deep in the room, advisers discussed having screens in far corners in addition to the main screen at the stage.

Michael Longinow mentioned that having the slide show visible on the corner screens in addition to the big screen would be a big help for tables off to either side.

Discussion ensued about the technology needed for that and whether it was possible without significant extra expense.

There would need to be three projectors in addition to the three screens. But advisers mentioned they thought it was possible to sync them together.

Barb pulled up her notes from last year and saw that CCMA ordered one 8 ft. screen with audio equipment. But she thought the other screen might have come from ACP. She said she would check on that.

The advisers agreed informally that there should be one big screen up front and two smaller screens off to each side of the room.

Barb said she would check with Arash (last year’s tech expert) about how to get the projectors synced to show the contest slides on all three during the awards ceremony.

The advisers also agreed that there should be one static slide on the screens for the few minutes that students are entering the room and taking seats, but that during the meal there would be a scrolling, random sequence of slides showing the names of schools in attendance with an image, for each, from the awards listing. No student names would be visible. This would be a good teaser for the awards ceremony and would help the smaller or less-involved schools to feel included and represented.

Barb said again that her plan was for the awards program to begin with Advertising and Magazine; there would then be a break to eat the meal, and the remainder of the awards ceremony would begin after the meal. All agreed.

The advisers also agreed that one slide should show the number of entries in the contest (more than 900) with judges’ brief bios/ID as part of either the opening static slide or as part of the scrolling slides during the meal.

Barb said she would get a student to help set up the pre-ceremony music over the sound system.

Barb suggested the board meet again on Feb. 5 (Feb. 12 would be too last-minute in case of emergencies.) That meeting would be brief and deal mostly with technology and the ceremony.

Barb said the board dinner will be on Feb. 19 and would be casual attire. She suggested the board again go to Buca Di Beppo near the conference hotel.

Barb reminded everyone to be reaching out to new board members (including student members); she noted that for those who wanted to pursue the president’s position, they should contact her.

Some discussion of the coming year’s board positions would happen at the board dinner, but official selection typically happens later in the semester.

Barb called for adjournment of the meeting at 10:48 a.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Longinow, secretary