30 October 2015

California College Media Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

October 30, 2015


Location: Conference Phone Call

Meeting called to order by Barb Kingsley at 8:37 a.m.

Members in Attendance:

Barb Kingsley

Richard Craig

Marcy Burstiner

Mark Plenke

Michael Chute

Joe Wirt (at-large)

Brady Teufel

Michael Longinow

Barb asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Moved and seconded to approve them. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Barb asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Moved and seconded to approve the agenda. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting actions and discussion:

Barb asked Michael Longinow to send the approved language of the constitution revision (defining quorum and rules of order in meetings) to Mark Plenke to post on the CCMA site. Longinow said he will.

Richard asked if the list of judges has been updated. Barb said it is being updated, but that everyone needs to suggest judges by adding them to the Google doc list.

Mark asked if the leadership has decided on whether to have schools, when entering the contest, send a URL or a PDF.

Richard said that having schools send a visual with their entries is crucial for the slide show.

Barb asked Michael Chute if he will be the last “set of eyes” on the contest entries. He said he will.

Discussion of the contest rules began.

Richard suggested the contest list order be changed to reflect the order of the awards slide show (to help Richard and his student workers, who spend many hours on that presentation.) After much discussion, there was general consensus that the order of listing in the contest not be changed to reflect the slide show order (though Richard said/asked that it might be changed next year.)

Barb suggested the contest include best News Web site in the Newspaper category.

It was discussed that Mt. Sac’s decision to pursue media with no particular category (daily, weekly, monthly) is one that — right now — defies categorization in the contest. And we noted that this trend actually fits the future of social media and Web-based journalism. But the group opted not to change the contest to reflect those trends.

Mark suggested we categorize Mt. Sac as online only.

The group, and Barb, asked Michale Chute to update the contest categories; he said he would, and would have have them available on the Google doc for review by everyone before Wednesday (11/4).

Someone asked if we’d resolved the issue of people not showing up for the awards ceremony. Many options were raised. Those options fit with Marcy’s question about honorable mention as a category. She said for students drive (or fly) a long distance to come to this ceremony and only receive HM is disheartening.

The group (unofficially) resolved to notify schools that are a long distance from the host city about whether they have won only HM — and perhaps that they’ve won a top award — so they have incentive to come, or so they can opt not to come.

The group also decided not to penalize schools that don’t show up for the ceremony, but to move up the deadline for registering for the banquet so we have a list to look at, at the ceremony, that we can highlight with those who aren’t in attendance. This allows us to not dwell on their name and waste time in the event.

Barb noted that we still want people to enter the contest; the notion of “can’t win unless you are present” wasn’t pursued by the group as an option at this time.

Mark said the Timely Tips was working and everyone on the Web can see it (it’s not members only.) He thanked those who had contributed writing so far. He said there’s no way of telling yet how much traffic the site, or those tip write-ups, will get from members. But they’ll keep an eye on the traffic.

Barb reminded everyone we need judge suggestions from everyone.

Financial Report:

There was no financial report because Dave Frederickson was not on the call. The report on CCMA non-profit status was not addressed because Dave is the person working on that.

Barb asked for a motion to adjourn and it was moved and seconded. Vote was unanimous at 9:37 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D

Biola University