CCMA Board minutes 041810

CCMA board meeting minutes

April 18, 2010

9 a.m.

San Simeon Lodge Restaurant

Attending: Melissa Lalum, Dave Waddell, Jen Aquino, Rich Cameron, Paul Bittick, Ruben Moreno, David Frederickson, Barbara Kingsley, Lily Oustinovskaya, Michael Longinow, Jen Siino, Anthony Siino

Absent: Tim Hendrick, Diane Rames, Marcy Burstiner, Anna Hiatt, Robert Sage

1. Contest improvements/feedback

–       Next year’s contest at ACP in Hollywood, 2012 will out of state so we will plan this again. Will we do it at Hearst Castle again? If so, Paul can work w/ board on having it at Hearst Castle again. HC has another event site that can accommodate more.

–       Do we want to continue to go w/ ACP?

–       Do we to tack on to ACP? Because of budget reasons… some can’t afford to send their staffs to two events

–       Can we do a dinner instead of midafternoon ceremony? Hotel dinner cost could be high and a deterrent

–       Like the education component mixed in w/ the awards

–       Good b/c you can send students to awards and not have to pay for ACP convention

–       Screen too small at Hearst event; doublecheck A/V with site next time for audio compatibility

–       Consider electronic submissions – check with Kathy Huting @ ACP

–       Should we consider putting a cap on the number of students each school can bring?

–       If go w/ ACP, deadlines for judging will be earlier

–       Contact Logan at ACP… when is best time, etc., for 2011 banquet/awards ceremony, logistics

–       Can we get a dinner/award sponsor?

–       Dinner at HC was cheap, $33.50/pp, w/ linens, etc. $45

–       Need to better display student work at the event – multiscreen presentation. Students can bring newspapers, etc. to view others work

–       Too many awards, how to shorten?

–       Can we combine awards and dinner?

–       Want to mix w/ other schools more, mingle

–       Is there a training component to the weekend… all different editors meet together to share best practices

–       Can we have workshops at the event? Some go on tour others attend workshop?

–       Comm. College participation received a positive response, great exposure to 4-year colleges

–       Print multiple certificates for multiple winners

–       Break up awards during different parts of dinner

–       Display work/winners in hard copies, too

–       Have students/advisers write out pronunciations of difficult names

–       Want to keep Yee award going

–       Add check-in table, nametags

2. Bylaw changes

–       Paul makes motion to change reelection language, Jen seconds, unanimous in favor to:

  • a. All officers are elected to two-year terms on board at annual meeting in spring. Board elects a president who will serve 1-year term. There are a total of nine members on board: five elected in even years, four in odd years, plus three student board members, which may include one community college student, who are appointed by the board for a one-year term.

–       Paul makes motion to change reelection language, Melissa seconds, unanimous in favor to:

  • b. Past president may serve one year as additional voting board member

3. New board members, president

–       4 positions open:

  • Diane Rames
  • Marcy Burstiner
  • Paul Bittick
  • Dave (who moves to past president status)

–       Continuing board members for upcoming year, 2010-11:

  • Tim Hendrick, Robert Sage, Melissa Lalum, Michael Longinow, Jen Aquino
  • Those interested in board positions:
    • Toni Albertson, Barbara Kingsley, Amy Emmert, David Frederickson

–       Paul moves to appoint above people to board, Michael seconds, passes unanimously

–       Paul moves to elect Jen Aquino as president, Melissa seconds, passes unanimously

–       We agree to discuss open positions at conference call on Friday, April 23, 1230 pm

  • Melissa suggests rotating who organizes contest; Paul says it should have a committee and divvy up portions to different members to recruit judges, etc.
  • We will need to send entries to judges by Jan 2 – Have back by Jan 20.
  • Rich offers to modify JACC database for CCMA

–       New board member contact info:

  • Interested student:

4. Other business

–       Jen will create a listserv for CCMA for board

  • Also need to create CCMA gmail account

–       We want students to handle Facebook, Twitter communications/pages

–       Need to make sure all who attended paid, discuss this with Robert Sage

–       Need to fix/investigate PayPal and the pros/cons of using it

  • negative aspects w/ Paypal: how much can transfer and what is the waiting period
  • Jen will investigate paypal options regarding transfers and adding paypal button on website

–       Dave will send full financial report to the new board

–       Jen needs to get signature authority/card for Bank of America account. Robert Sage will need to initiate this at the Fullerton branch

–       Need to create a “president’s manual” as a guide for running CCMA

  • Jen will create Google docs for CCMA where we can share information, creative, key documents, etc.

–       Need to find who has the student application and post it on website and put out a call for student board members

–       Need to do a call for photos from the event. Melissa will ask her students to contribute, also post it on Twitter.

–       Need to get database of all 4-year colleges from Tom Nelson, Melissa will do this; Rich Cameron will share the JACC database

–       Board member will need to set up a Ring2 (?) account for future conference calls

–       Set up a poll (survey monkey) to get feedback from students, advisers on the banquet

–       Need to devise plan for fall training workshop and get the word out before the end of school. Can we do pre-registration?

Next meeting:

Phone conf call on Friday, Aug. 23 at 12:30 p.m.

Paul will get the conf call number and Jen will email it

Meeting adjourns: 10:40 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Vice President Melissa Lalum

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