CCMA Board minutes 091109


Attendees: M. Lalum, J. Siino, R. Cameron, R. Sage, D. Waddell, L. Oustinovskaya, T. Hendrick, M. Longinow, J. Aquino

Meeting was held at Cal State Fullerton prior to the September editorial and advertising training sessions.

Dave Waddell thanked everyone for their work on the training sessions.

Minutes of the last board meeting were approved.


Melissa Lalum reviewed the upcoming editorial and advertising contest and the banquet to be held at Hearst Castle in April 2010. She suggested changes to the contest regarding entry categories: “weekly”, “daily” and “less than weekly,” which were approved by the board. It was also agreed that if there were less than five entries in the “less than weekly” category, they would be merged into the “weekly” category. It was also agreed that a number of new categories would be added “best social media,” “best online ad” and “best online editorial”.

It was also agreed that Community College members would be eligible to enter.


It was agreed that a contribution would continue to be coordinated by D. Waddell.

Web site:

Dave Waddell updated members on the status of the new CCMA Web site. Revisions will be coordinated by Jennifer Aquino, and requests will be made of board members to provide photos, bios, etc. along with any college media resources wanted to be on the site.


R. Cameron gave a summary on journalism education at the community college level and also what is happening at the high school level. He also reviewed the McCormick Report from last spring and will coordinate sending a survey to board members for further information about programs.

UC Santa Cruz:

It was agreed by the board that no further action would be taken at this time. It was deemed a personnel issue, not a content issue.

Hearst Castle  – April 17 Banquet:

Jennifer Aquino will coordinate with Paul Bittick of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for banquet information.

Melissa Lalum will coordinate award plaques for winners.

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