CCMA Board minutes – Aug. 21, 2014

California College Media Association
Conference call meeting minutes, Aug. 21, 2014, 1-2:30 p.m.

Roll call: Barb Kingsley, Michael Chute, Dave Frederickson, Marcy Burstiner, Richard Craig, Mark Plenke, Michael Longinow.

Officers were all voted in officially. Moved and seconded, unanimous vote.

Need two student board members (We can have three: North, South, Central)

We need to give the student board members work: social media, Feb conference, music at the event, etc.

The contest Web site looks good; it’s pricey ($4,934 first year) ($3,000 next year), but it’s very workable. There’s a set-up fee. Might need plug-in (revenue management module). It’s all online. No more paper entries. They manage it.

Question: Can we change categories later? Yes; might be minimal fee
Question: Can we pay online? We would use PayPal

Barb: We can afford this contest software, but we’ll need to pare down the costs on food at the Spring conference. (Food, vending, is one of that event’s biggest costs.)

Projected: $150 membership x 45 or so members

Moved and seconded to adopt contest software for 2014-2015. Cost $4942. That includes set-up fees. We pay immediately. Unanimous vote.

Postmarked December? Dec. 8 suggested by Barb.

Barb said the board will tweak the contest between now and next mtg.

Moved and seconded to raise membership fee to $150, vote was unanimous.

CSU news service. Will set up place to drop stories and photos. Need interest from editors. Student editor runs it out of Humboldt State. Trying to get grant for stipend for student running it. Run it like AP. Fee for being members. Symbolic amount to make sustainable.

Bottom line: we’re trying to raise awareness for this news service.

Maybe use CCMA Web site to run it. Or we could link to it. So it becomes a perk for membership in CCMA. Use CCMA site to help promote it.

Marcy Burstiner will send it to Mark Plenke.

Mark will create a WordPress site (new template, $65) that encourages sharing. Blog area, etc. More nimble and interactive. It will be curated.

Dave Frederickson moved, Longinow seconded. Unanimous vote.

New business: Can’t do training at SLO. See if we can partner with JACC. Morrow Bay. Good training. We’ll get more details later.

Will set a meeting for September using Doodle or another program.

Moved and seconded to adjourn.

— respectfully submitted, Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D, (Biola) secretary