17 February 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the California College Media Association Board of Directors
Teleconference Feb. 17, 2017

Directors present: President Mark Plenke, CSU Chico;  Michael Chute, California Baptist University; Richard Craig, San Jose State; Barbara Kingsley-Wilson, CSU Long Beach; Gretchen Macchiarella, CSU Northridge;  Brady Teufel, Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo; Stu VanAirsdale, CSU Sacramento; Joe Wirt, CNPA Services Inc. Absent: Toni Albertson, Mt. San Antonio College; Michael Longinow, Biola University Angelene Wong, Biola University.

Plenke called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. and called for approval of the minutes. Kingsley-Wilson moved; Craig seconded. Passed unanimously.

Macchiarella gave the Treasurer’s report. She said that bank access was updated so she could handle transactions. She said awards purchased were $1,824. Contest-site fee was $3,124. And she reported transferring contest payments from Paypal to bank.  Final balances are to follow once she collects all payments for contests and banquet. Plenke sought motion to accept Treasurer’s report: M/S Kingsley-Wilson/Craig; approved.

Plenke asked Kingsley-Wilson to clarify CCMA’s past provision for travel assistance for member schools. She recalled there being occasional, small support for members. Plenke said that two schools had asked about 2017 fiscal support.  Plenke asked for a motion to consider that consideration of the topic wait until a full accounting of CCMA revenue and expenses. M/S/ Macchiarella/Craig; approved.

Directors then discussed options for a Friday night board dinner. Macchiarella suggested a casual spot at the Ferry Building for not much over the $282 bill incurred in 2016 at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles. Plenke reminded directors of the Friday morning CCMA Adviser Summit to discuss mission and future service of the group. Albertson and Craig are to moderate the discussion. The ACP will provide coffee; CCMA would cover cost of breakfast snacks. Directors acknowledged that hotel pastry cost would be steep; they agreed that cost of a full dinner would be prohibitive. Directors agreed to keep it cheap.

Plenke listed potential projects and member benefits that the CCMA summit might cover. Craig reminded directors about discussions about a statewide journalism umbrella group. Kingsley-Wilson said administering a contest and producing a banquet are really beyond the capabilities of a volunteer board. All said they would be there to discuss the topics in depth at the Friday morning summit.

Plenke then asked directors to report on their banquet duties.  

Macchiarella previewed plans to sell banquet admission on site and check in paid guests. She planned to recruit students to help at check-in.

Teufel updated directors on his A/V and slideshow plans. Hotel costs being prohibitive, he sought laptop and projector pledges from schools as well as a recounting of 2016 A/V needs and provisions, which Kingsley-Wilson located and shared. He and a student were converting awards file into slideshow and viewable document for website. Banquet emcee  Craig requested an advance list to ensure pronunciation accuracy; Teufel confirmed availability.

Chute reported judging completion. He said directors who secure judges should be sure to vet and confirm the interest and availability of those judges. He also reminded directors that the contest coordinator must perform a certain level of follow-up work once judges are finished. Chute also said the reconfigured contest with community college and small- and large-university divisions, plus the provision for more than one entry per school per category, made for a more equitable result that should inspire more schools to take part. Teufel and Kingsley-Wilson concurred.

Macchiarella signed off at 9:58.

Kingsley-Wilson planned to coordinate the Twitter feed to run on the two side screens during the banquet. Plenke asked Teufel to include reminder slides about the #CCMA2017 hashtag.

Plenke ran through the room setup as documented by the hotel. Teufel and Kingsley-Wilson compared it to the 2016 setup in Los Angeles, and Craig helped to refresh memory of the setup. Plenke said he would revise the sketch and provide to hotel.

VanAirsdale sought input from directors on selecting a budget-friendly dinner from the Hyatt Regency banquet menu. He noted that a convention partnership subsidy from ACP would help to provide a suitable menu. Directors agreed to review the selections offline and rank their preferences in 24 hours.

With no further business to discuss, Plenke called for a motion to conclude the meeting at 10:15 a.m. M/S Craig/Chute. Approved.

–Respectfully submitted by Joe Wirt, CNPA Services Inc.