Student board member application

Become a CCMA Student Board Member

The board governing the California College Media Association reserves three spaces for students to ensure the student perspective is represented in CCMA decisions. The student board members serve as liaisons between the board and the students it serves. As such, student board members are expected to be in tune with the needs and wishes of the schools they represent and relay those desires to the board. Beyond providing a voice for the students, the chief responsibility of student board members is to promote the CCMA and advance its goal of aiding responsible and professional journalism at collegiate journalistic institutions.


CCMA student board members are expected to fulfill numerous duties, which include, but are not limited to:

Attending and actively participating in all CCMA board conferences and teleconferences
Helping organize, schedule and book CCMA conventions and boot camps
Promoting attendance at CCMA conventions and boot camps at one’s respective school and at surrounding universities and colleges
Improving intercollegiate communication in regard to issues affecting college newspapers, magazines and websites so that students can exchange and advance ideas on how to best achieve professional-style collegiate journalism
Evaluating guidelines for CCMA’s annual contest and providing suggestions on how the contest can best recognize great student journalism


CCMA student board members represent the student journalists at California’s four-year and two-year institutions of higher learning and must be able to fulfill the following obligations to ensure the students are well-served. Student board memberships are for one-year terms, and student board members must serve for one year, beginning at the time of election. Throughout one’s membership, a student board member must maintain membership within his/her respective collegiate journalistic institution. If the student quits the staff or is removed for any reason, he/she may be removed as a CCMA student board member.

Deadline: Oct. 3, 2014

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